Our Masonic Philanthropy
The Dyslexia Training Program

The Freemasons of Louisiana are proud to introduce you to our new primary philanthropy.

In 1998, we adopted the Dyslexia Training Program, which is a Grand Lodge Program conducted on a cooperative basis with the local Constituent Lodges. The Grand Lodge agency with primary responsibility for the program is the Masonic Learning Center of Louisiana and its board of trustees.

Approximately 10% of our children are affected by dyslexia to such an extent as to require attention beyond that which is afforded in a normal classroom situation.

dysappFor purposes of the Dyslexia Training Program, the Board defines “dyslexia” as a learning disorder in persons who are intelligent, who suffer from no other physical, emotional, psychological, or psychiatric conditions which act as an impediment to learning but who, nevertheless, are unable to learn to read, write, spell, and comprehend the language as expected from exposure to a normal classroom experience.

The Dyslexia Training Program presents a multi-sensory program of instruction which emphasizes phonics and is taught by a teacher/facilitator to classes of limited size using a number of teaching aids including videotapes, workbooks, writing frames, linkage paper, three-dimensional letters, flash cards, wall charts, dictionaries, and other items. The material is presented in cursive writing.

The program consists of 350 hours of classroom time which is conducted one [1] hour per day, five [5] days per week, excluding holidays.

In order that the students may all be age-appropriate, be familiar with cursive writing, and comply with the elements of the disorder, we accept only those children who are in grades 4, 5, or 6, who have not yet attained the age of thirteen years, who are free of other impeding conditions, and who have a full-scale I.Q. of at least 90 as determined by the Wechsler Intelligence Scale for Children, Third Edition.

The prospective students are screened by the Board or its designee in an effort to eliminate those children who obviously will not qualify. Those students who are accepted, after screening, are examined by a qualified psychologist. Final acceptance depends, in part, upon the results of that examination.

Our classes are conducted by a teacher/facilitator who is certified to teach in Louisiana. The classes are held in different physical facilities. Some classrooms are situated in a Masonic Lodge Hall, some are conducted in space which has been provided for that purpose by a church, school, or other entity.

No charges are assessed to the student or the parent/guardian for the training given the student. If, however, a parent or other interested person or group wishes to make a contribution, of whatever size, to the tax-exempt charity, such donations are gladly accepted and applied to the promotion of this undertaking.

The testimonials received from parents, teachers and others concerning the progress of the students enrolled in the Dyslexia Training Program have been most gratifying.

For further information, call the Masonic Learning Center of Louisiana at: [318] 487-4986 or [318]443-5610, or you may email to the Grand Lodge Office.

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