R∴ W∴ Charles R. Smith

A Message from the Grand Treasurer,

Most of the people that know me personally will also know that I am not only an avid reader but also a very diversified reader.

Recently, I have concentrated on several books written by Michael Poll. One of the main ideas that I believe is very profound, which could be presented in a type of book review, I  will say I would best suggest a title for this message. Let’s call it: What type of Freemason are you? You decide.

First, let us consider two groups of masons from which to pick that you may be inclined to lean toward. Also, keep in mind and consider each of these two having two subgroups.  The first group sees Freemasonry as a club. One of the two subgroups of this first group are ones that see their club as a noble charitable organization with wholesome entertainment. The second subgroup sees their club as a special place to be somebody. To take it a step further, their main goals are to obtain power through titles and rank, using it contrary to the basics teachings of Freemasonry.

The second group sees freemasonry in need of a return to its original era of enlightenment as a philosophical organization. One subgroup seeing the organization as dead, meaning the lack of philosophy and esotericism they heard about that piqued their interest coming in. This subgroup simply turns around and leaves. The other subgroup has the same observation coming in, but makes a different choice and stays and fights for the basic originality. You may have noticed some of the tension and friction somewhere in your travels.

Think about it. Are you in one of these categories? There is a lot of food here for thought. The ideas presented here come from a person that’s a way better masonic writer than I am. I strongly recommend Michael Poll’s books for your reading pleasure, as well as your masonic growth process. He also posts many YouTube videos from the New Orleans Scottish Rite College. In any of his materials, I’m convinced you will also find a wide range of topics to augment any masonic educational program.


R∴ W∴ Charles R. Smith, PM

Grand Treasurer