R∴ W∴ Jay McCallum
Grand Senior Warden

A Message from the Grand Senior Warden,


We are a brotherhood of benevolence.  From our earliest impressions of Freemasonry, we learn that we are obliged to stretch forth the hand of charity to relieve the distress of our fellow human beings. Indeed, charity (benevolence) is the superstructure upon which Freemasonry is erected.

Rarely has the need for Masonic benevolence been greater than it is now. With Louisiana in the midst of struggling through a pandemic, Hurricane Laura swept through our state. Never has a storm with stronger wind gusts ever buffeted the shores of our country. The category 4 storm left destruction in her wake and the ensuing needs are great all across our state, especially in southwest Louisiana. In addition to human suffering, the property damage was of extraordinary proportions. Our Masonic buildings, including the Grand Lodge building in Alexandria, were not exempt from the onslaught.

Much restorative work has already begun. Your Grand Lodge of Louisiana, under the direction of our Grand Master M. W. James E. Steen, has been mobilized into action. Masons from across our state and nation have responded and are coming to the aid of those who are in distress.

Although it has been more than a month since Laura made landfall, much remains to be done. In these unprecedented times, we have unprecedented opportunities to demonstrate the great lesson of charity.

Your help is needed. If you are able to be a part of the Masonic response to this disaster, or if you or your lodge need assistance, please contact the following for more information:

Mary Farmer
5746 Masonic Drive
Alexandria, LA 71301.

When we help others, not only do we demonstrate the benevolence of our brotherhood, but we are also ministering as unto the Lord (Matthew 25:40).


R∴ W∴ Jay McCallum

Grand Senior Warden