My Brothers,

Four months have already passed since you elected me to the position of Deputy Grand Master at our 212th Grand Lodge Session. I mention this because I always think how fast time flies when you are enjoying the things you are doing. The fact that I started this Masonic Journey when I was initiated as a member in the spring of 1972 and now, fifty one years later, serve as the Deputy Grand Master, makes me feel humble and honored, but wondering how I was ever able to accomplish that journey. After thinking about it for quite some time, I felt it was necessary to look at my past actions and see what exactly it was that directed me on this great journey and pass my thoughts on to you, my Brothers

First, after my Entered Apprentice initiation, I was blessed to have a knowledgeable Brother who taught me the Work, not just in words, but explained the meaning of each sentence to the point that it was like adding fuel to my brain, that opened the door to Light, and made me anxious to meet with him every day to learn the real purpose of the work and its biblical meanings.

Second, after becoming a Master Mason, and standing the proficiency exam, I could not wait to learn even more, since I was told that I had received all the Light attainable, I was then told later that there were other organizations to enhance the Light on my journey. I then became a Lecturer and was very proud to direct new members to the Light that I was seeing and putting them on that same journey.

Third, Wanting more that Light, I became a member of the Consistory first, where I learn so much more by participating and studying in those degrees, which added even more Light to understand the first three degrees, as well as to how to better ones self in our present times, but something was still missing, so I the York Rite Chapter, Council Degrees, and Templar Orders were conferred on me and my thoughts of learning took on a whole new perspective. The additional Light I received there made me realize the importance of education about the subject you dedicate your mental and spiritual interest in. The two Rites teach the same lesson, but in two different manners. After viewing and studying in both Rites, it revealed to me what our forefathers were trying to convey by the way the words and work is presented. Their intent in composing our work is in the same manner as the way the Holy Bible is written. You cannot change the words in any passage because it will change the intent of the meaning. That is why if you read a passage multiple times, you can get new meanings or Light.

Therefore my Brothers, if you want to increase the participation of your current members, and give them a desirable reason to participate in the lodge functions, have meetings where they can be told how to obtain more Light by becoming proficient in the work and seeking more Light by obtaining the upper degrees, therefore, discovering the true meaning of what is at the foundation of a True Mason.

Your Journey began as an Entered Apprentice, and will never end as long as you seek for Light and achieve the rewards of a Master Mason.

Therefore My Brothers, accomplish the Journey you began and continue to seek the Light!

I feel humble at this time as I revealed the wonderful journey I have been on for the past fifty one years, and I truly believe that the lessons I have learned in all of those Masonic Teachings has put me on this path to serve this Great Fraternity, and especially all of You My Brothers, as My Family.

I am here to assistance You, All My Brothers, in any help you may need.  Please feel free to contact me at any time.

God Bless and Fraternal Love,

R.W. Larry J. Plaisance

Deputy Grand Master,

Grand Lodge of Louisiana