R∴ W∴ Terrel D. Fowler

A Message from the Grand Senior Warden,

One of the first lessons we are taught when we are introduced into Freemasonry is the basic tenets of Masonry, which are friendship, morality and brotherly love. These tenets are important and tend to set us apart from other fraternities. This is likely the reason for the longevity of our fraternity.

I once knew a young man who was talented, charming and married with two little children. The young man also had 4 brothers and a sister. Although he had a good position with a major aircraft company, he wanted to go to law school and made his application to finish undergraduate school before seeking admission to law school. Shortly after enrolling at McNeese State University, he had his annual medical checkup and learned he had no more than three years to live. He had lymphoma and medical science, at that time, had not yet advanced in the treatment of this cancer. Of course, he canceled his law school plans, continued his vocation with the aircraft company and invested as much time as possible with his two children and wife.

As his pastor counseled him shortly before his passing, the young man, only 38 years of age, professed his continuing faith in Christ, and while he grieved about his early demise, and that he would not see his children grow, graduate, get married, or meet his eventual grandchildren, he was thankful that he was the brother that had cancer and not one of his other brothers, or sister. I was standing nearby and as you can imagine, I was stunned. This young man would die shortly and never live to be forty. This man was my brother, Richard Fowler.

This is brotherly love personified. I do not know if we can all live up to this example of brotherly love, but it does give one guidance.

Let us continue to demonstrate true friendship, morality and brotherly love as we practice Freemasonry in our daily lives.

May God bless you, your family and our fraternity.


R∴ W∴ Terrell D. Fowler

Grand Senior Warden