R∴ W∴ Terrell D. Fowler

A Message from the Grand Senior Warden,

From time to time we all tend to reminisce about people, times, places and events. I’ve truly been blessed with wonderful people in my life, and unfortunately, time has taken far too many of them away from me.

A few of these people have taught me “life lessons” and fortunately, I was alert enough to hear and apply the lessons. One lesson is that life consists of many decisions and the test for all of us is to make the correct decision. A bad decision not only adversely affects you, but many of those loved ones around you. A correct decision not only helps you but also those around you. In effect, “no man is an island”.

Another lesson I learned was to never coast. My uncle, a Past Master of MagnoliaLodge No. 238, told me, “Terry when you coast, you can only coast downhill”. After hearing that, I never wanted to “coast” again.

I continued to learn compassion, charity, friendship, morality, and brotherly love from my Masonic mentors. As I travel around the different lodges about Louisiana and east Texas, I see this brotherly love in action, and without exception.

I now observe many young men joining our fraternity. Let us all reach out and help all of our new Brethren to grow in Freemasonry. Let us all be positive mentors to our young Brethren, as we have learned from our own mentors.

May God continue to bless and guide us, and let’s never try to simply “coast”.

Fraternally and Respectfully,

R∴ W∴ Terrell D. Fowler

Grand Senior Warden