M∴ W∴ Terrell D. Fowler
Grand Master

A Message from the Grand Master,

“The Only Constant in Life Is Change”– Heraclitus

This Thanksgiving season I’m reminded of the story of a young, blind boy sitting on the steps of a metropolitan church on a busy street.

The young boy held a sign that read “I’m blind. Please help.”

A kindly gentleman soon approached the blind boy, saw a couple of coins in the cap, and contributed a few of his own. The gentleman then took the sign, flipped the sign over and wrote a new message on the back. He returned the sign, then walked away.

That evening the kindly gentleman returned. The young boy thought he recognized the footsteps and asked him if he was the one that changed his sign? The gentleman said he was and he observed that the cap was now nearly full. The boy asked what the gentleman had written. He responded that he had written, “Today is a beautiful day, but I can’t see it”. The kindly gentleman said it was the same message as the young boy had written, but also sent a message that they should be thankful that they could see and for what they have.

Let us be mindful of our blessings; our family, our nation, our faith in eternal salvation, and our beloved fraternity.

When life gives us a reason to cry, show the world you have 100’s of reasons to smile and be thankful.

I am so blessed and thankful to have the honor of serving as your Grand Master this year. We have, together, generated more energy, growth, and positivity. It is infectious. Keep it up.

May you have a blessed Thanksgiving Season.

M∴ W∴ Terrell D. Fowler
Grand Master