R∴ W∴ Terry Fowler, Grand Junior Warden

A Message from the Grand Junior Warden,

Since my earliest years, I’ve always wanted to be a Mason.

I grew up in a home well traveled by Freemasons. My dad was a Freemason and a member of Calcasieu Lodge No. 400, in Lake Charles, Louisiana. I was told that my dad attended lodge regularly and was always punctual. Unfortunately, Dad passed away at only38 years of age, leaving a pregnant wife and 4 little children.

We are often told of the many great Masons of the past. Well, my family can attest to those great Masons of the past. My fathers’ lodge Brothers and their wives were there for my family from our tragedy of losing Dad. The Masons were present through my Dad’s last days, the funeral and then they continued to follow us as we grew up. My father’s lodge brothers would check on us from time to time to see if we were doing okay and to see if my family was in need. They even found us summer jobs as we grew older. They encouraged us to learn skills and to get an education.

This compassion and brotherly love drew me into Freemasonry.

As soon as I was old enough, I petitioned my local Masonic lodge, Magnolia LodgeNo. 238, and was accepted. I became an active Mason, just as I’m sure my father was active. I visited other lodges and worked in Masonic degrees. Whatever my lodge and other lodges needed me to do, I was ever ready to assist. I was eager to work and to learn.

As I have grown in Freemasonry, with its philosophy, teachings, and way of life, I have come to realize that Freemasonry is today populated with many great and good men, just as when Dad was alive. Let us be reminded of this and be duly proud of our fraternity, and always be alert to continue our Masonic brotherhood traditions. Let’s remember the “demand lecture”. Let us also be mindful of the needs of our widows and orphans. During a time of grief or crisis, simply knowing you are not alone and that your friends and brothers are near, and do care gives one the strength and the courage to “carry on”. I know that to be true because I’ve been there.

May God bless you and yours during this New Year!


R∴ W∴ Terry Fowler

Grand Junior Warden