My Brothers,

As I look back on the past three years that I have served in our Grand Line of Officers for the Grand Lodge of Louisiana, I am totally amazed as to how fast the time has passed! I do know that the time moved rapidly mainly because the years were filled with many meetings that were productive and fun to be part of. Having the great Grand Line Officers to work with, and the peace and harmony growing in our Masonic Fraternity, made it a pleasure to even work harder.

We are now approaching the 213th Annual Grand Lodge Session of Louisiana, and I want to especially thank our Grand Master, M. W. Jimmie Dean Dunkin, for his dedication of time and effort, in giving his leadership to our Grand Line Officers. That great leadership made it enjoyable to support all his work for our Fraternity, as we traveled throughout our great State of Louisiana and the many other different States we traveled together.

I want to continue to promote Harmony, Fellowship, and Love among the Brothers and to make our wonderful Fraternity grow throughout our great State. Our good Works and Charities are the focal points of Fraternal Love for our fellow man and we will do all we can to increase its availability to those in need.

Fostering more public education as to what our Great Masonic Fraternity stands for and what our goal is in helping our fellow man become better should be every member’s goal.

It will be an honor to work with the incoming Elected and Appointed Grand Lodge Line Officers and assist them in their promotion for our Lodges throughout the State. Please call upon your Grand Officers to assist you and your Lodge with any public programs you have planned.  We are here to help make your Lodge programs a great success.

The time has come for each of us to become more concerned about the future of our Fraternity by getting the younger generations informed as to what we have to offer them. Our memberships’ average age has reached a point where if we don’t replace ourselves for the future, our Fraternity will fade away.  Invite younger men who are not Masons to your open programs and have progressive speakers give talks as to who we are, what we do and what we have to offer them to improve their future lives.  If we don’t open the door, no one will come in!

My Brothers, you are the Grand Lodge of Louisiana, and we, the Grand Lodge Officers are here to help your Lodges grow. Call upon us anytime for assistance!

Fraternally and God Bless You All,

R.W. Larry J. Plaisance, D.G.M