A Message from Our Grand Senior Warden

R∴W∴ Larry Plaisance,
Grand Senior Warden
of the G∴L∴ of Louisiana

How quickly time goes when you get elected to a position such as a Grand Lodge Officer. At times it becomes difficult to share time between the travels required and personal obligations, but because of the lessons I learned as an officer in the Blue Lodge, I have become more knowledgeable about how to dedicate my time in order to achieve satisfaction and Light as a reward. I am pleased to say that I have acquired more Light by traveling with the Grand Lodge Officers this year, experiencing the Fellowship of the Brothers throughout our great state and the many others I have visited.

In my travels in the past many years I have noticed multiple changes in our fraternity, which has through time, caused our fraternity to lose some of its special meaning to its members. It has to do with how the meaning of the ritual work must be explained and taught to our Brothers so they can have a full understanding of the foundation of Masonry. I mention this because I recently came across an article that I believe explains why the meaning of our fraternity is sensing this change. The article mentions the importance of the meaning of our Ritual Work and how it helps our membership grow in Masonic Light. Please read this message written by Brother Michael Mayer and I am sure you will see and sense the need to forward this uplifting message to all our members.

“The Hidden Lessons of Ritual Work”
So many times we seem to look at Ritual Work as not being that important, and that it doesn’t have to be done that well. We feel that we just need to have more Masons for our Lodges.
If we fail to share the teachings, who do we think looses?

I would like to have you think back to the first night, it could have been a warm or cool night that we all share. That night we were apprehensive, or for the sake of better words, confused as to what was going to happen. Those first words you heard said at the Lodge door, asking questions and waiting for answers of you, and how you were treated was only the start of your Masonic Life. That life that leads most of us on a continuous journey of Masonic travel for the rest of our lives. For some of us, who have memorized the Degrees and Obligations, we share something that no one else can understand. This task of learning them that we choose to do, and we did. This struggle teaches us what we all can do with the hard work and true desire to accomplish things.

So many times I have listened to the lectures, and still find them as interesting as the first time I heard them. Every time I hear them, I find a new perspective that I have missed before. I fear for those who do not choose to listen to them in this way, as they will never find the lessons that are taught in Masonry. And as for those who give those grand lectures, they learn as well. They learn how it feels to give that perfect lecture and also when they don’t get it perfectly right! Most of the time just stopping for a moment to think or to take a breath. I think we can all learn hidden lessons here too. How we should overlook little mistakes that we all make in life. Also to remember sometimes the best intentions go wrong by accident.

My Brothers, it is a continuing honor for me to represent you and the Grand Lodge of Louisiana this year, and I look forward to be of continued service to you and our Great Masonic Fraternity. We are working diligently for positive growth and Fellowship in the years to come.

R∴W∴ Larry J. Plaisance, G∴S∴W∴