M∴ W∴ Terrell D. Fowler
Grand Master

A Message from the Grand Master,

To serve the Grand Lodge of the State of Louisiana, Free and Accepted Masons is an honor. To be called upon to serve as the Grand Master of the Grand Lodge of the State of Louisiana is both humbling and an honor.

Many of the brethren know my story. That my father, a Master Mason, and a member of the York Rite Bodies, had lost his life by natural causes at the tender age of 38, leaving a pregnant wife with four young children. Fortunately, my family was not forgotten or left alone. We were emotionally supported and assisted for years after my father’s passing. The consistent Masonic presence and stature made me want to be a Freemason from a very early age. Today, we have Master Masons of the same quality. I see and observe them regularly.

I’ve learned to love our fraternity from a very tender age. My father’s lodge brethren, and their families, were ever close by, especially during times of crisis. As time passed, they would help me and my brothers find summer jobs, which helped our family. These men made a favorable impression on our family. My brothers and I wanted to be Masons when we grew up. I petitioned to become a member as soon as I came of age.

From the moment I was raised as a Master Mason, I have had the desire to serve the craft. To give back to our fraternity for what my family received over the years.

Having been born to, and raised by, a widowed mother, with a sister and four brothers, I learned rather quickly to listen and observe.

My Masonic journey taught me certain truths, which I want to share.

I learned that actions have consequences. That life, in effect, is a series of decisions and that the test in life is to make the correct decision. A correct decision is a good decision and the results, or consequences, not only benefit you but all those around you. Therefore, make good choices in life, not only for yourself but for those around you. A bad decision not only usually hurts you, but those near and dear to you. This is a lesson I learned at my mother’s knee.

From an uncle, who became a Masonic mentor, I learned another lesson. I had been at a task too long. Apparently, I appeared to be coasting along, when he told me to “stop coasting”, and finish the task. That “when you coast, you can only coast downhill”. A lesson that has stuck with me ever since.

I believe ours is a special fraternity and society of friends and brothers.

I believe our Masonic Landmarks are sacred to our trust, are everlasting, and must never be violated.

I believe that as we were usually taught by a Masonic mentor, it is therefore incumbent upon us to be ready to teach and help our young brethren.

I believe the Grand Master of Masons has the inherent duty to serve the brotherhood, including the duty to protect the fraternity from enemies, both without and within the craft.

I believe that all Freemasons have certain indispensable and fundamental rights, including that of Due Process.

The “beliefs” listed above are basic, and certainly not exclusive.

I am looking forward to the coming year. I promise you that I will travel and visit the local lodges, the Grand Sessions of the other jurisdictions, and do my very best to favorably represent you and the Grand Lodge of the State of Louisiana, Free and Accepted Masons.

Let us proceed forward with peace, harmony and grow our fraternity, together. We can do this best by demonstrating the Masonic tenants of friendship, morality, and brotherly love.

May God continue to bless the Grand Lodge of Louisiana, you, and your family.

M∴ W∴ Terrell D. Fowler
Grand Master