Dyslexia Training Program

The Dyslexia Training Program is a multi-sensory program of instruction that emphasizes phonics. It is taught by a teacher/facilitator, who is certified to teach in Louisiana, to classes of limited size using several teaching aids, including workbooks, three-dimensional letters, and other items.  The program is free to qualifying families.

The Dyslexia Training Program is at least a two-year program geared towards qualifying students who are in grades 3 through 11.  The students are separated by age groups. Ages 8 (having completed 2nd Grade) through 11 are our younger group.  Ages 12(entering 6th Grade) through 15 are our junior group. Ages 16 and 17 are our older group.

Qualifications and requirements for our program are students who have a diagnosis pertaining to dyslexia; who are free of other impeding conditions; and who have a Full-Scale I.Q. of at least 90 as determined by the Wechsler Intelligence Scale for Children, 3rd Edition. Requirements also include a minimum two year commitment of attendance if qualified and accepted.

The location of each class is in various physical facilities, including Masonic Lodge buildings, churches, schools, or other specified entities.

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