Grand Master Mollere’s Message

My Brothers – Thank you for the great honor of being elected to serve you this year as your Grand Master. Having been a Master Mason for almost 48 years, I remember the night that I was Raised a Master Mason in Baton Rouge Lodge #372 – now named Trinity Union Lodge #372. Two other good boyhood friends were Raised that night also – we enjoyed being Masons as 21-year-olds in a Lodge of men all our Fathers’ age – we were the kids. Guided, mentored, helped along, all three would serve Freemasonry in different ways through many years. Never did any of us consider being so involved as to be selected to serve as Grand Master. So I am proud to have this opportunity. Each newly Raised Master Mason should be able to profit from my experience and know that they too could one day become the Grand Master. There are many ideas and projects that are being offered this year. First is looking after yourself and your family. Second, your relationship to your GOD. Third, your responsibility to your vocation – your means of supporting your family and yourself. You need to examine your reason(s) for becoming a Mason and how you live your life and practice the purpose and lessons of Masonry. Are you practicing Masonry as a man, with your family, with your GOD, and with those whom you come into contact every day at work, in your neighborhood, and as you go about your daily activities? Masonry is so much more than going to a Lodge meeting regularly – it is a life style. Others should see Masonry through you and how you act.

IMG_20150102_141154This year, you are asked to assist in contacting every member of your Lodge – personally – by phone, email, visit. Most members join and are not active, they belong and pay their Dues, but never regularly attend a Lodge meeting or activity. We need to find out why, keep in contact, and encourage them to join back in the fellowship – become active Brothers. Know who your Lodge Brothers are – you cannot become a true Brother until you are a friend. A Brother may have forgotten the “word, grip, means of entering” and may be too embarassed to ask how to “get back in”. I knew a man who said he was a Mason in my neighborhood and whose son was joining my Lodge, but the man did not attend his son’s EA or Fellowcraft Degrees. With the Master Mason Degree about to occur, I went by his house and invited him to be present. He told me that he “could not get in”. We talked, and I knew that he was a Master Mason. I told him that I would vouch for him, but he needed to attend that Degree. He attended, witnessed his son being Raised and resolved to be back – he became very active helping in the kitchen and at age 75 was installed Master of his Lodge! You are never too old or inactive where you cannot return and be a vital part of Masonry. Do we have Brothers who can no longer drive to a meeting or may be ill, or in a nursing home, or live too far away to be active – do you know who these Brothers are and why they are absent from your Lodge meetings? Never forget them.

Another important part of our duties should be to keep in contact with our Masonic Widows. Many of these Ladies have heard nothing from their husband’s Lodge since he died. Have you checked regularly on these Ladies. Many sat at home many nights while their husbands attended Lodge – we cannot and should not forget them now. Invite these Ladies to Open Meetings, have a luncheon for these Ladies – honor them, and never forget them – personally check on them.

2015_Louisiana GM Pin_v2As we get into 2015, I trust that each Mason in Louisiana will be as active as possible in practicing Masonry. Not just attending a Lodge meeting, but being a Mason in act, word, and deed. Remembering what we promised on bended knee with our hands on a Holy Bible should mean something to every Mason, to each man. Attending a place of worship regularly, being a good citizen and loving our great country, remembering and honoring those who serve to protect us – in the Armed Services, and also in law enforcement, fire and emergency areas. Being a faithful employee or a fair employer, being a good neighbor and being a devoted family man also means that all with whom you come into contact will say: “there is a good man; he is a Mason”. May we all have everyone who sees us and knows us say that about each of us. Live Masonry every day.

Fraternally yours,
William Jules Mollere
Grand Master