Master Ritualist Program

ritual competition announcement

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Ritual Proficiency is one of the foundations in Freemasonry in helping forge that ‘Mystic
Tie That Binds’ all of Freemasonry together into one Universal Brotherhood. Every
candidate who kneels at the altar, repeats the words spoken, and promises on his Holy
Book to stand to and abide by the rules and regulations of Freemasonry then at some
point soon thereafter has the words and meaning of the words become a part of his
experience as a Freemason. Whether that Freemason remembers all of the words and
in the same order, that Freemason remembers the meaning of the words- he has
Obligated himself to a fraternity and becomes a Brother. Many strive to remember the
words exactly as originally repeated; many strive to live the meaning of the words and
truly translate the words into daily actions. Those who strive to live the meaning of the
words truly understand Freemasonry.
In an effort to encourage remembering the words and the meaning of the words of the
Ritual, and in an effort to promote Proficiency in the Ritual, a Program was instituted
years ago certifying those who would strive to become exceptional in their Proficiency.
In addition to the esoteric work, a crucial element in laying this foundation is the
beautiful adornment of the ritual with proficient exemplifications of the lectures
associated with the Three Degrees. It is these lectures that help to ensure that the new
Brother’s foundations are properly laid, and good mortar is used to fill in the gaps.
In order to encourage the added beauty these lectures and ceremonies bring to the
ritual of our Ancient Craft, a Master Ritualist program for the Grand Lodge of Louisiana
is hereby created effective as of January 1, 2016:
• The Permanent Committee on Work (PCOW) shall administer a Master Ritualist
Program for the Lodges in Louisiana to encourage increased participation not
only in the esoteric work of conferring the Three Degrees, but in the inclusion of
all of the lectures associated therewith.
• All degree lectures must be utilized during actual degrees being conferred in a
regular lodge.
• This program shall have three levels, Ritualist, Senior Ritualist, and Master
• The PCOW of shall issue a certificate and appropriate recognition for each level
reached by a member.
• All other details of the program shall be as explained in the attached brochure.