The Great Lesson of Charity

The universal charity of a Mason is the charity of his heart and of his love.  Within the compass of his mind, he measures and draws the Square of his conduct, and within that square, having honestly provided for his own household, he forms his little angles of benevolence and charity to the distressed of all communities.  He visits the sick and the infirm, the fatherless and the widow, not out of idle curiosity, but from the impulse of a loving heart, by a kind word, and a helping hand, he keeps himself unspotted from the evil of the world.  This is true Masonic charity and the conduct of every true Mason.

As Masonic charity is a charity of the heart; he thinks no evil of his brother; he cherishes no designs against him.  It is a charity of the tongue also; he speaks no evil; bears no false witness; defames no character; blasts no reputation, he knows that to take away a good name is to commit an evil, the damage of which no wealth can repay.  Also, it is a charity of the hand; he anticipates his Brother’s wants, he finds the one in need, feeds the hungry, helps the sick, and perhaps also to the very mind he ought to instruct to build a temple perfect in all its parts.

Thus the heart, the tongue, the hand, and the mind of the truly free and accepted Mason are warmly engaged and diligently exercised in all those grand principals of Masonic charity.

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